Video: Installation of Hatchlift Kits On RV Storage Compartment Doors

Eliminate those pesky wall clips, broom handles, and the “Hatch Headache!” Install Hatchlifts on all your storage compartment doors. The kits are easy-to-install and designed to fit standard RV style doors from 12″ to 45″ tall and up to 72″ wide. Provide safe and easy access, even under Slide-Outs. Bedlift Kits and Replacement springs also

Hatch Lift hydraulic door liftsHatch Lift hydraulic door lifts

Seven Types of Campers

Which one are you? I guarantee you, you’re going to know someone (or a few) on this list…You know the saying, if you don’t know any, more than likely, it’s you!  hehe Be sure to comment below and let us know which type of camper you are… we promise not to judge! Have a safe

7 types of Campers 37 types of Campers 3

Add Your RV/Car as a Contact in Your Phone to Save Important Info

Your RV and car are a giant box of information that you need to keep sorted for one reason or another. Year, make, model, VIN, last oil change, next oil change, engine size, etc. Keep that information straight by adding your RV and car to your phone’s contact list. You can use this section to

Car RV ContactsCar RV Contacts

How to Back Up a Trailer

With some coaching, and a lot of nervous practice, I eventually became quite good at it, and now I can back a trailer around corners and into little garage doors on the first shot. Reading this article is not going to substitute for practice, but it should prepare you to start. The principles are the

Trailer 4 (How to back-up a trailer)Trailer 4 (How to back-up a trailer)

We Won a FREE 1 year membership to Passport America!

teamed up with RVing Illustrated (“RI”) together with Passport America, were giving away a free 1 year membership to their awesome camping club! This membership ($44 value)  gives you half-price (50% off) camping at over 1800 RV parks, resorts and campgrounds across the US, Canada and Mexico! New places are being added almost every day. All we had to

Passport America LogoPassport America Logo

How Do You Work From The Road?

Probably the most asked question to any full-time RVer: How do you work and still travel? These days there’s a slew of computer jobs (if you’re savvy), and working opportunities available to the part-time or full-time RVer. You just have to think outside the box of a corporate or big box store job.  Of course, those

Work on the RoadWork on the Road

2014 Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

America’s Best Idea… the National Park Service! Even better? When it’s Fee FREE! Mark your calendar for these entrance fee-free* dates in 2014: January 20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day February 15th thru 17th Presidents Day weekend April 19th thru 20th opening weekend of National Park Week August 25th National Park Service Birthday September 27th National


Banish RV Slide-Out Squeaks and Noises

How many of you cringe when you hear a squeaky slide-out?  Oh it’s one of those jarring noises that send waves to the nerves…perhaps it’s the same affliction that hits you when fingernails are drawn across a chalk-board. Here’s a way to rid you of those squeaks… First, with your slide-out extended, take a close

Banish RV slideout squeaksBanish RV slideout squeaks

Do You Need an RV Voltage Regulator?

RV Voltage Regulator keeps the power flowing safely Managing your vehicle’s voltage can get tricky – too low and you run the risk of damaging appliances like your air conditioner, and too high and you could fry the circuitry and have no power at all. The Technology Research Corporation has developed an RV Voltage Regulator that will

RV VoltageRV Voltage

Federal and State Fee Free Days for 2014

Below is a compilation of the Fee FREE Entrance to the following participating agencies: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S. Forest Service U.S. National Park Service   Date(s) Event Participating Agencies January 19-20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend National Park Service January 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day National

Service First Logo - National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife ServiceService First Logo - National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service

DIY: Scarf and Ball Cap Storage

Wondering how to store all of your scarves and ball caps? Check this out. All you need is a hanger and shower curtain rings! Super Duper cute and clever! What else could we use this for…let’s discuss it below! Gotta go round-up those missing ball caps… Like this:Like Loading…


USB Flash Drives Bring Music to Your RV or Tow Vehicle

Car and RV stereo systems are turning to newer digital methods of playing music. While CDs aren’t yet a thing of the past, you may find a USB flash drive connection on your stereo system. How do you bring “your” music to that flash drive port? It’s easy if you have music on your computer

usb stereousb stereo

Are Propane Tank “Trade-Ins” Worth It?

You see them nearly everywhere: Propane cylinder trade-in kiosks. Bring in your empty and trade it in for a refreshed, full one. Often with 24-hour service it may be tempting to trade-in rather than fill up…but are they really a bargain? On a visit to a Flying J truck stop you’ll find bulk propane for

propane trade inpropane trade in

Video: How a Paper Cup Can Save the Day at an RV Sewer Hook-Up

Every once in awhile, typically in older RV parks, you can run into a problem with a sewer hook-up. Here’s an easy way to handle this uncommon situation. This is so simple you’ll say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”   Source: Like this:Like Loading…

RV and Paper CupRV and Paper Cup

Video: The ABC’s of RV Camping at Wal-Mart, Editor, Chuck Woodbury explains the “unofficial rules” for spending the night in an RV in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The price is right: FREE!  However, there is a right way, and wrong way, to do it. Like this:Like Loading…


How to Remove Algae Growth in Your Fresh Water Tank

Q.  Are there any kits out there that I can install on the very bottom surface of my fresh water tank, to allow me to drain it from its low point?  We rarely move our trailer, and thus, have a large build-up of algae.  A.  Though not installed at the bottom of the fresh water


Video: A Helpful App for Finding Mailboxes and Post Offices

Jim Guld of tells you about a great app for your mobile phone that will make it easy for you to find mailboxes and post offices wherever you happen to be in the USA. Like this:Like Loading…

Finding Mailboxes and Post OfficesFinding Mailboxes and Post Offices

Video: How an Ice Cube Can Help You Avoid Food Poisoning’s Ashley Hirst, shows you a simple trick involving an ice cube for alerting you to possible spoiled food in your RV freezer. Like this:Like Loading…

Ice Cube Save Your LifeIce Cube Save Your Life

Video: How to Keep RV Batteries in Good Condition

Check-out the below video to learn how to keep your RV batteries in good working condition. Like this:Like Loading…

RV Batteries in Good ConditionRV Batteries in Good Condition

Camping Etiquette

Camping Etiquette Seems Like Common Sense …but some folks (you know who) need to be reminded Every year is a new generation of campers, and sometimes it’s important to share common courtesy and camping etiquette. Sure there’s always rule breakers, but they’re not reading this article, so let’s just focus on us, and educating the

Camping EiquetteCamping Eiquette

DIY: Mosquito Repellent

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Ingredients * 2 cups of rubbing alcohol * 4 ounces of whole cloves or 2 ounces of citronella pure essential oil * 1 cup of baby oil or almond, chamomile, lavender, etc. Instructions Place cloves/oil into the alcohol, and allow 4 days to marinate. Store in glass container or Mason jar with

Natural Mosqquito Repellent RecipeNatural Mosqquito Repellent Recipe

DIY: Pallet Bike Rack

Instant bike rack made from two pallets — no assembly needed! This would be an ideal bike rack for camping.  No more bikes tossed to the ground, and waiting to be ridden off by the not so trustworthy camper that just happens to pull up stakes, when your bike comes up missing.  You know…those guys!

Bike Rack Out Of PalletsBike Rack Out Of Pallets

How to hang thing on RV Walls using Pop Rivets

Clever step-by-step video demonstration on how to securely attach things to your RV walls.   Like this:Like Loading…


Video: Hitching and Unhitching a Fifth Wheel Trailer

Video demonstration on how to *properly hitch, and unhitch, a fifth wheel trailer to a truck. Not shown in the video, but an important step, is to do a pull test prior to raising the jacks completely. Pull Test: Start the vehicle and put it into gear. Slowly let out the brake pedal, and make

Fifth Wheel Pull TestFifth Wheel Pull Test

Video: Demonstrating the Importance of an RV Water Regulator

RV Regulators and What They Do In the video below, Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates the complete line of RV water regulators by Valterra Products. Did you know RV water regulators protect your RV drinking hose and RV water system from high campground water pressure? There are standard, high flow, lead free and adjustable RV

RV Water RegulatorRV Water Regulator

How to Save Money While RV Travelling

10 Tips To Cut Your RV Travel Costs Saving money while you’re on the road will go a long way in stretching your RV vacation costs – even a few extra bucks can go a make a huge difference when trimming your RV costs. Although RV travel is one of the most affordable types of

Save Money Piggy BankSave Money Piggy Bank

No Room For An Upright Sweeper?

3 Tips on Vacuuming Your Floors If your motor home/RV is like most, there’s little room for storage.  Every inch counts and adds up fast.  What to do when there’s no room for a full size sweeper?  Watch this video for a few ideas: Also read the comments below the video on YouTube for more

Sweep RVSweep RV

An Option to Standard RV Day and Night Pleated Window Shades

This seems like a winner to me! Day and night pleated window shades for the RV. My oh my how the 6 of us need our privacy. Especially that darn Ivy always peeking out and snooping at the folks taking a stroll.  Don’t even get me started when she thinks she sees a bear in the

day night pleadsday night pleads

Use a Magnetic Strip for Extra Bathroom Storage

Traveling abroad in an RV leaves little room for extra stuff.  It’s a real eye-opener to see what you can and cannot live without.  That extra pair of boots you thought you needed in another color, easily takes-up room that you may need for every day uses, or even quintessentials, that you must have. Because of that,

Organization and Storage logoOrganization and Storage logo

Shrinking RV Hose

I’m sure we’ve all watched the television commercial by now introducing the hose which coils down like a snake into a small bundle.  They look great for the RV and camping lifestyle.  I was tempted to order us one, and hadn’t gotten around to it, yet.  Good thing before I did, I viewed this video….could


Extension Cutting Board/Counter Space

Everyone Say, “YES!” If you’re in need of additional counter space in your kitchen. Say, “YES!”  I know we are…it’s amazing how limited on space for food prep and cooking we have in our Motor Homes/RV’s.  Heck, forget the cooking, there’s no room to make a cup of tea! Well, look what we can add

Countertop Extension BoardCountertop Extension Board

Mystery Solved of the Exit Ramp Sign

To figure-out which side of the road an exit will be on, pay attention to the small rectangle portion of the sign.  It sits atop of the main sign, with the exit number. The sign will be on the same side as the exit. In this instance, exit 1B is on the right side of

Exit SignExit Sign

Want to Know the Value of Your RV?

Being a newbie to the RV Life, anything I come across, seems important to share.  With this in mind….did you know there is a site to look-up the price of an RV?  I didn’t!  Of course, I heard of Kelley Blue Book for car values, but NADA, was a new treasure find for me! Initially

posted on Want to know the value of your RVposted on Want to know the value of your RV

Protect Your Tires

Don’t forget to take care of your tires. Tire rubber will oxidize over time and can result in cracking of the sidewall. To remove the oxidation, use a nylon brush to scrub the tires four times a year with mild detergent. Avoid harsher cleaners and degreasers since they can dry out the rubber. Keep the

Protect your tiresProtect your tires


What is Boondocking? How to make it work for you… The word boondock originated early in the 20th century from American military servicemen serving in the Philippines. It comes from a Tagalog word for mountain  bundog.  They started using it to mean a rural, remote, bushy area. When they came home they developed the slang word “boonies”.  The


Cleaning: Stem To Stern

Cleaning an RV begins with washing. For siding – be it fiberglass or aluminum – choose an RV wash or RV wash-and-wax. If the color has faded, it may be time to remove oxidation and restore the color with a product designed for this purpose. Use the least amount of abrasive possible because it will

Cleaning Stem to SternCleaning Stem to Stern

Frozen Toilet?

How to use your RV toilet in cold weather Some people prefer not to use the plumbing system during the winter for fear of doing something wrong and risking a freeze-up, and subsequent damage. Others prefer to just use the toilet, and depend on campgrounds for their other needs. It’s possible to use your RV

Frozen ToiletFrozen Toilet

Keep Mice Out Of Your RV

A plant-based, safe, non-lethal method to keep mice out of your RV Keeping mice out of our rigs is a constant challenge to boondockers. Since we camp out in the wilder areas where wildlife is always present, and mice just love the dark confines of our rig’s hidden places, many methods have been used to


QCC-1 vs. POL Connector

Do you know what’s the difference between a QCC-1 Connector and POL Connector? A Prest-O-Lite (POL) adapter is a commonly-used brass nut-and-nipple connector with left-handed threads, used for propane cylinders. A wrench is necessary to tighten a POL fitting. The QCC-1 connector is also a nut-and-nipple assembly, and is easily identifiable by the large, external

QCC-1 Connector and POL ConnectorQCC-1 Connector and POL Connector

Efficient, Economical Propane Power For RV Accessories

What is LP? A hydrocarbon product, liquefied petroleum (LP) is composed of propane, butane and small amounts of propylene. It produces a heavy, colorless gas and is highly flammable. When refined, LP is odorless. The pungent odorant (Ethyl Mercaptan) is added as a warning agent in the event of a leak. Used properly, LP is


Escape a Fire in Motor Home

Watch “Mac the Fire Guy” Mac the Fire Guy Sponsored by RVtravel Like this:Like Loading…

Escape a FireEscape a Fire

Beware of Rip-Off RV Park Memberships

Customers say this half-off RV park memberships a rip off Looking for $10 a night or 50% off RV park camping? Be careful before signing up (and paying) for a service that claims to provide such deals that many RVers say does not deliver what it promises. A Wilmington, Delaware firm that bills itself as


How to Get Mail While Traveling

Whether you live on the road full time, or just like to take extended road trip, you can get your mail on the road with minimal inconvenience. The trick is to plan ahead, and follow proper postal and/or courier addressing procedures for the country you plan to travel to. The more money you are willing

Mail BoxMail Box

Avoid Damage to Screen Door

Have you had kids or grandkids (or your spouse) go through your RV screen door–without opening it first? Or have you had it ripped out of your hands by a sudden gust of wind, or do you just feel that it needs more beef? Then you could use Camco’s RV Screen Door Cross Bar that


17 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

I’ve written a lot about the joys of solo travel on Gadling. Articles like “Mastering The Art Of Traveling Solo” and “How To Make Friends When Traveling Alone” reflect my passion for traveling without a companion, and aim to show others how they can do it, too. One common inquiry I get from readers who

solotravel23 (1)solotravel23 (1)

RV Power Made Easy (Part 2 of 2)

GENERATORS Gasoline, diesel or LP-powered generators are a source of 120V power when shore power is unavailable. Generator power gives you all the convenience of AC power for your accessories, whether you are sitting in the stadium parking lot before the big game or on the banks of your favorite trout stream. Portable generators give


RV Power Made Easy (Part 1 of 2)

12V DC AND 120V AC POWER What powers the accessories in an RV? Electrical power to operate lights, jacks, slide-outs and other 12V powered accessories comes from a 12V battery or a battery bank consisting of two or more batteries joined together. Microwave ovens, most TVs and VCRs, toasters, blenders and other 120V accessories must


Beauty Product Review: For Damaged Hair

Beauty Product Review: For Damaged Hair

911 Emergency Pak: Reconstructor for Damaged Hair Review If you have never used this product, I’d liked to introduce it to you.  It does wonders for all types of damaged hair.  I personally use it, and can vouch for its

Travel Tips: March, 2015

Travel Tips:  March, 2015

Monthly, we post 5 tips that will help you in your travels; here are this months: Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a seat. Keep all your must-need items in it for easy access.  I keep Freckeez and Figee’s

February, 2015

February Winner! Congratulations goes to Francesca Eddington! She is our February winner in the sheep counting contest!! Miss Francesca will enjoy a $25 Vanilla Visa gift card. Our much appreciation goes to everyone who entered this months contest. Remember to keep counting those sheep! Travel Tips: February,

The “M” of it all…

The “M” of it all…

Mommy, Molehills, and an [ex] Mother-in-Law My Mommy’s surgery is next week, and as you can imagine, this has put me into a spiritual, answer-seeking, hand-wringing, guilt-wielding, state of mind. On top of this, I’ve received a telephone call this evening,

Easy Chocolate Covered Cherries

Easy Chocolate Covered Cherries

Ingredients 10 oz Maraschino Cherries 2 tbsp softened Butter 1 tsp Corn Syrup 1 tbsp liquid from Mariaschino Cherry 1/2 tsp Invertase 1 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar 12 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Directions Remove cherries from liquid and place on

Dealership Reveal: Almost!

Dealership Reveal:  Almost!

Did they keep their word? Not, yet… It’s been over a week since I heard from Camping World (“CW”), that Jimmy Lee is finished, and can be picked-up. CW has had him for 5 months fixing the issues that were in disrepair when we purchased

Travel Tips: February, 2015

Travel Tips:  February, 2015

Monthly, we post 5 tips that will help you in your travels; here are this months: Find the lowest gas prices along the way.  There are lots of apps to find the best gas prices, but I prefer Gas Buddy, and Fuel

5 Months and Still Counting…

5 Months and Still Counting…

If you can believe it or not, we finally heard from Camping World (“CW”), that Jimmy Lee is finished, and can be picked-up. CW has had him for 5 months! The only time I drove him, was the week I picked him up

January, 2015

January Winner! Congratulations goes to Elisabeth Greenwich! She is our January winner in the sheep counting contest!! Miss Elisabeth will enjoy a $25 Vanilla Visa gift card. Our much appreciation goes to everyone who entered this months contest. Remember to keep counting those sheep! We’re

Google’s Top 250+ Snowbird, Campgrounds, Boondocking Sites & RV Resorts

Google’s Top 250+ Snowbird, Campgrounds, Boondocking Sites & RV Resorts

Did your favorite site make the cut? You probably won’t be surprised to see that most of the sites are the lower half of the US map. Click here to see Google’s top 250+ most top rated sites in the

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