Happy Halloween, Flockers!

Trick or Treat…

Happy Halloween from TA- smaller for siteHappy Halloween from TA- smaller for site

Scarecrow (Girl) Wreath

The Scarecrow Wreath is a straw hat, googly eyes, a bow, leaves, acorns, grapes, and felt for the mouth. Then glue all of the items onto a straw hat.  I would suggest a low-setting hot glue gun.  You can buy all these items at the dollar store. If you make one, be sure to send

Scaregirl WreathScaregirl Wreath

Candy Corn Pudding

I simply took plain vanilla instant pudding and mixed it with food coloring.  I used classic yellow food coloring gel for one layer.  I used neon orange food coloring gel, with just a couple drops of classic red to darken it a bit, in the other layer. Mixed it thoroughly and then used freezer bags

Candy Corn PuddingCandy Corn Pudding

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Your Halloween party guests won’t be able to resist these creepy eyeballs. To make, stir together 1/2 cup peanut butter, while gradually adding 1 cup sifted powdered sugar, stirring until combined. Shape into 1-inch balls; place on waxed paper until dry. Melt 8 ounces of vanilla white candy coating in a heavy saucepan; stirring over low heat until smooth.

Bloodshot Peanut Butter EyeballsBloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Nail Art: Glow in the Dark Ghost

Who wouldn’t want to wear these scream-ish glow in the dark nails?  Well, I’m sure a lot of you, but these are sooo me! Matter of fact, I think I need to do Figee Ann’s toes, too! Check-out That Leanne for the tutorial. Glowing with excitement!

ghost nail art halloween progress shot 06ghost nail art halloween progress shot 06

Spiderweb Doormat

Ensnare trick-or-treaters with this crafty doormat that resembles a spiderweb. To make, cut a 3×4-foot lightweight black mat into a 36-inch diameter circle using heavy shears. With chalk, draw a spiderweb design onto the mat. Cut clothesline into pieces to fit your design, and singe the ends of each piece to prevent fraying. Use heavy-duty white glue

Spiderweb doormatSpiderweb doormat

Spider Web Eggs

What you’ll need: Eggs Black food dye Place eggs in single layer in a large saucepan, and cover with water.  Add enough food dye to make water nearly black in color. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Cover; let stand 10 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, remove eggs one at a time, and place

Spider Web EggsSpider Web Eggs

Bloody Wiener Fingers

You will need: Wiener sausages, I like the mini ones, they look more like tender kids fingers rather than grizzly adult ones. White onion Ketchup Cut a small section off the top of the wiener, this is where the nail will go Then make 3 small cuts half way down, this will be the knuckle

Weiner FingersWeiner Fingers

Mad Scientist Potion

Mad Scientist Potion By Our Best Bites Large glass jars or beverage containers Brightly colored drink of your choice Dry Ice (1 pound per gallon of potion) Heavy-duty gloves and/or an oven mitt and tongs Prepare drinks if necessary in the beverage jars. Otherwise, pour the drinks into the jars. Carefully break up the dry

Mad Scientist Lab PotionMad Scientist Lab Potion

Raven Wreath

Materials you’ll need: 1 small wreath form 9 1/2″ (I found mine in the dollar section at Target) 10 dollar store black birds (pick ones that are all facing the same direction) Glue Gun Spray Adhesive (I like Elmer’s Craft Bond) Black Microfine Glitter (I used PK Glitz) Optional:  Black string or cord for hanging Step 1:  (Optional) Tie a string around

Crow WreathCrow Wreath

Bling Pumpkin

Make a cool and stylish metallic pumpkin in no time using Tacky Glue and a string of gold Mardi Gras beads.  Such a sophisticated look that screams upscale, don’t you think?  Here’s how you make it! What you need: – Small round pumpkin – 3 yards gold plastic Mardi Gras beads (you can also use


Crispy Candy Corn Treats

Ingredients Cooking spray 9 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided 12 cups miniature marshmallows, divided 3/4 teaspoon fine salt, divided 9 cups crisp puffed-rice cereal, divided 1 tablespoon grated orange zest Yellow and red food coloring 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest Cook’s Note To store, arrange treats in a single layer on parchment-lined baking sheets, wrap tightly


Blood Fondue

12 oz white chocolate chips 1 cup heavy cream 4 tbl butter Red food coloring Strawberries Sponge Cake (cut into cubes) Pretzels Combine the heavy cream and butter in a heavy saucepan over medium heat.  When warm, add the chocolate chips, stirring constantly until smooth.  Add food coloring several drops at a time until fondue

Blood Fondue BarBlood Fondue Bar

Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines

Slightly Adapted From Canary Girl 1 package (17.3 ounces) frozen puff pastry 3 cups filling of your choice (savory or sweet) 1 egg, beaten red food coloring small paintbrush Thaw puff pastry according to package’s directions.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and line a 9″ x 13″ baking pan with parchment paper. Divide each sheet of

Halloween Puff Pastry IntestinesHalloween Puff Pastry Intestines

Eyeball Topiary

To Make a Halloween Eyeball Topiary, you’ll need: STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 3 balls in different sizes (mine are 2”,  1-1/2”, and 1-1/4″ in diameter); scrap piece to hold the eyeballs while they dry Terracotta pot (I used a mini pot, with a 1-7/8″ opening) Googly eyes, assorted sizes & colors Colorful eyeballs: Acrylic craft paints (I

Eyeball TopiaryEyeball Topiary

Visit to Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park

Are you looking for a pumpkin patch in South Bay, California? Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park is the ideal place to create family fun memories!  Delightful attractions for younger kids to kids of any age. If you’re seeking the perfect pumpkin, I’m sure you’ll find it at Uesugi Farms.  They have hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins


Spider Topiaries

To replicate topiary, you’ll need the following: 2 clay pots (spray paint for effect like photo) Spray paint (black, orange and color of clay pot you choose) 2 foam block 2 dowels 2 Styrofoam balls 2 bags of plastic spiders Halloween faux spider webbing (optional) 1 bag of candy corn hot glue gun Cut to

Spider topiaries with borderSpider topiaries with border

Witch Feet Oreo Treats

To make these, you simply fill a clear plastic treat bag with 10 oreos, and tie it off with cute ribbon or twine. Using a 12×12 piece of black card stock create your witch boot using this pattern, just make sure to cut out a small triangle along the bottom to make it look like a boot instead of

Witch-Feet-Oreo-Treats - with border- smallerWitch-Feet-Oreo-Treats - with border- smaller

Two-Faced Pumpkin with Wall Projection

MATERIALS Boo template Face template Pumpkin Knife STEPS STEP 1 Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and scoop out the insides, hollowing until the flesh is 1/2 inch thick. STEP 2 Photocopy face and BOO! templates to desired size; cut out. Tape templates to opposite sides of a large pumpkin, and trace


Bloody Floats

INGREDIENTS 4 cups (32 ounces) Concord grape juice 750 ml sparkling white wine or apple cider 1/2 cup lime juice (from 4 limes) 1 pint raspberry sorbet DIRECTIONS STEP 1 In a large pitcher, combine grape juice, wine, and lime juice. Scoop sorbet into eight small glasses and top with grape juice mixture. Serve immediately.

instant-party-bloody-punch-001a-med108875_vert (1)instant-party-bloody-punch-001a-med108875_vert (1)

Nail Art: Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

On Friday, we’re going to visit Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park. To stick with the pumpkin theme, I thought these cute glow-in-the-dark nails, would be the perfect touch for our day! Imagine all the different faces you could create…you’d run out of nails before ideas, especially since you can make them glow! Thanks again to That Leanne for

halloween jack o lanterns nail art glow in the dark1halloween jack o lanterns nail art glow in the dark1

No-Carve Caterpillar Pumpkin

This fun and easy Halloween craft is easy for even the littlest of helpers. Select a few smaller pumpkins; paint the pumpkins melon green and their stems black. Using adhesive-backed felt dots, decorate the bodies. Use googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the head. Arrange in an S shape. Source BHG


Mummy Dogs

A spider web of mustard and ketchup goes perfect with Mummy Dogs. (The secret to the “bun” is refrigerated bread-stick dough.) To make the web, fill a small bowl with ketchup. Using a squirt bottle, pipe mustard in concentric circles on top of ketchup. Beginning at the center, draw a wooden pick through the circles in


Bat and Cat Pumpkins

You and your family will love decorating these easy Halloween crafts. Simply paint two pumpkins with matte black paint, download the below free patterns, and let them take control from there. Here, we’ve used cardstock for the accents and features; you can carve the faces or use cardstock for them, too. Download the free bat pattern. Download the free

Bat and Cat PumpkinsBat and Cat Pumpkins

Halloween Tulle Chairs

Create a spellbinding seating arrangement with a couple of simple inexpensive materials. Wrap your chairs in black tulle and tie with a festive ribbon.  To give it more a mummy feel, wrap in tea-stained muslin and wrap with twine or torn muslin.  So many ways to create different themes for your holiday decorating.


Purple People Eater’s Blood

Directions: 1 large bottle cranberry juice 1 small can frozen grape juice 2 quarts pineapple juice 2 cups sugar 1 1/2 quarts water 1 quart Sprite Stir until well mixed and refrigerate

Goshen College Purple PunchGoshen College Purple Punch

Wormy Ice Cubes

Breed gummy worms in ice and infest a cold Halloween drink. Put the worms in an ice-cube tray, letting them stick out of the top and sprawl over the edges, and fill tray with water or clear drink; freeze. Add cubes to a clear beverage, and watch as kids of all ages squirm with delight.

wormy ice cubes 2wormy ice cubes 2

Black Light Lemonade

This glow in the dark lemonade will be the hit of any party.  Here’s what you need… *Tonic Water *Lemonade mix (Any drink mix will work) *Black light The instructions are pretty easy. Refrigerate your tonic water so that it is nice and cold to serve. You won’t want to put ice in it because it will

black light lemonadeblack light lemonade

Pumpkin Party Cooler

MATERIALS Pumpkin Serrated knife or keyhole saw Glass or plastic bowl STEPS: STEP 1 Choose a large, wide pumpkin. Cut off the top third with a serrated knife or keyhole saw and scrape out the pulp and seeds. STEP 2 Line the gourd with a glass or plastic bowl to prevent it from becoming water-logged.

pumpkin party coolerpumpkin party cooler

Scaredy Crackers

INGREDIENTS • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan • 2 teaspoons paprika • All-purpose flour, for work surface • 1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed • 2 tablespoons heavy cream • 3 tablespoons poppy seeds DIRECTIONS STEP 1 Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Combine Parmesan and paprika. On a floured surface, roll out puff pastry 1/8 inch


Spider Pops

To make your spider pops, snip off the top of a black garbage bag, so it’s still useful, just smaller and cut the long strip into squares. We learned that arachnids/spiders indeed have 8 legs but decided that would be a little excessive for our creepy crawlies. So we took three pieces of black chenille

Spooky Creepy LolliesSpooky Creepy Lollies

The Best Homemade Caramel Dip

      Dip makes about 4 cups. 1/2 cup salted butter 1 1/2 cups brown sugar (light or dark) 3/4 cup light corn syrup 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk 1 teaspoon vanilla In a medium saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add the brown sugar, corn syrup, and sweetened condensed milk, stirring to

Carmel DipCarmel Dip

Banana Ghost and Orange Pumpkins

Day 3 of 31 days of Halloween is as easy as peeling oranges and bananas! All you need to do is peel the skin off the fruit, cut up ends of celery into small pieces for the ‘stem’ of the pumpkins (oranges), and add some chocolate chips to the banana for a ghost face.  The

Banana ghost and pumpkin orangesBanana ghost and pumpkin oranges

Whimsical Witch Centerpiece

Striped stocking witch legs hang from the ceiling to make a whimsical centerpiece.  The black umbrella creates the look of the bottom of a witches dress with “crinoline” (fluffy underskirt) added to complete the look of a dress! It’s impossible to make witch legs without adding the iconic black boots.  I love the look of


Topsy-Turvy Witch Cupcakes

Bake or buy your favorite frosted party cupcakes and make them wicked fun with these easy-to-create pointy witch shoes. Download our witch shoe pattern and print onto cardstock; cut out. Using white chalk, trace the shoe patterns onto black cardstock; cut out. Cut striped straws into 2-1/4-inch lengths. Cut a tiny slit in each straw

Witchy cupcake legsWitchy cupcake legs

31 Days of Halloween

Halloween is in 31 days! Are you ready to pull out the decorations and favorite ghoulish recipes and begin the month of faBOOlus fun?!  We are, too! Once again, it’s time get out the crockpots, because you’re not going to have much time for cooking these next couple weeks (well, except all the delicious treats

31 Days of Halloween, 201331 Days of Halloween, 2013

Glossy Red Candy Apples

      Candy Apples The only trick is to use a candy thermometer. 6-10 red delicious or other crisp eating apples 6-10 wooden ice-cream sticks 4 cups sugar 1 cup light corn syrup 1 teaspoon red food coloring 1-1/2 cups water Wash and dry the apples well with warm soapy water. Coating will not stick

Glossy Red Candy ApplesGlossy Red Candy Apples

El Monte RV Announces Top Ten Fall Foliage RV Rental Road Trips

RV travelers looking for one more excuse to take a trip are getting an assist from El Monte RV Rentals, one of the nation’s largest RV rental firms. The RV rental and sales company has announced its Top Ten Fall Foliage Road Trips, highlighting scenic autumn wonders across the country. Says Joe Laing, Director of


Autumn Foyer Decorating Ideas

Festive entry way decorating idea for autumn. I like the idea of the lighted pumpkin under the table…do you? This time of year, I do yearn for living in a home again….but I look outside my window, and get over it, when I see I’m living a dream, and seeing America along the way! Gotta

Autumn Foyer Decorating DisplayAutumn Foyer Decorating Display

Front Porch Squirrel

Falls almost here…[sigh] Source:  The Robin’s Nest

Front Porch Squirrel - Robin Becks Nest - resized to fit frameFront Porch Squirrel - Robin Becks Nest - resized to fit frame

DIY: Pumpkin Face Pop Bottles

These make adorable party favors, or a project to do at a Halloween party. All you need is an orange flavored soda pop, marker and festive ribbon.  Add a tag if giving as a gift. If you make this, be sure to post your photo below, we’d love to see them! Orange you glad I

pumpkin bottlespumpkin bottles

Hoh River, Washington

The Hoh River is a river in the U.S. state of Washington, located on the Olympic Peninsula. About 56 miles (90 km) long, the Hoh River originates at the Hoh Glacier on Mount Olympus and flows west through the Olympic Mountains of Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest, then through the foothills in a broad valley, emptying into the Pacific Ocean at the Hoh Indian Reservation. The final portion of the Hoh River’s course

Fall on the Hoh River - Robin's NestFall on the Hoh River - Robin's Nest

Travel Tips: October, 2015

Travel Tips:  October, 2015

Monthly, we post 5 tips that will help you in your travels; here are this months: Vapur Element High Capacity Bottle with Custom -designed SuperCap, 0.7 Liters, Water Blue: Designed from the ground-up to meet the performance needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

September 2015

September Winner! Congratulations goes to Ann Winters ! She is our September winner in the sheep counting contest!! Miss Ann will enjoy a $25 Vanilla Visa gift card. Our much appreciation goes to everyone who entered this months contest. Remember to keep counting those sheep!

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Bike Seat Saddle Bags

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FSL Decimate Ear Protection

Perfect for hunting, shooting, drumming, home improvement, construction or even studying in silence, the FSL Decimate safety earmuffs offer a one-stop solution for full hearing protection and noise reduction. Comfortable, durable, affordable and backed by a 3-year warranty, these are

V-Blade Mandoline Slicer Professional

V-Blade Mandoline Slicer Professional

Wouldn’t you just love to have a safe, sturdy and yet lightweight hand-held mandoline slicer that cuts through veggies like a hot knife through butter? Would you like to save time and money by avoiding big expensive slicers that are

Food Grade Silicone Slow Feeder for Dogs

Food Grade Silicone Slow Feeder for Dogs

Treat your dog to the better life! Not just a plastic dog bowl with a bump or two. Unlike most anti-gulping solutions, the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Interactive Slow Feeder is designed with both the owner and the pet in mind Bloat

Travel Tips: September, 2015

Travel Tips:  September, 2015

Monthly, we post 5 tips that will help you in your travels; here are this months: Booking Online:  When booking flights and hotels online, be sure to enable private browsing. Travel sites (and others) often track your visits to their page,

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Tamanu Oil 100% Pure BEAUTYOILS CO

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Ska Studio Bodyshaper for Party Nights

Ska Studio Bodyshaper for Party Nights

Do you love to go out and dance or do you prefer sophisticated cocktail hours? Would you prefer to wear a tight, well-cut dress? Designers at Ska Studio figured you would, and set out to design the perfect bodyshaper for

Feather Net and Veil Fascinator/Hat Hair Accessories Clip

Feather Net and Veil Fascinator/Hat Hair Accessories Clip

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